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ARC Investigations is an independent, dynamic company with a wealth of history in providing expert advice to the Insurance Industry, Law Enforcement Agencies, Barristers, Counsel, Solicitors and the Judicial System.


Our experts are located across the UK, possessing the skills, knowledge and experience to move your case forward. Wherever the locus or vehicle requiring inspection is, we are happy to travel to support you.

We provide impartial, expert technical services and advice relating to road traffic collisions and vehicle failures. Our emphasis is on collaboration, with our UK-wide team of consultants working together to deliver high quality, first-class solutions.


Our team, individually, have decades of experience in the fascinating field of collision investigation; collectively it is approaching a century of knowledge. Our knowledge is based on first-hand investigative experience, at collision scenes and examining vehicles of all types, as well as that gained from case work and research.


Simply, our vision and aim is to provide clients with impartial, expert advice in the field of collision investigation. We pride ourselves on being able to provide our Clients, and Judiciary, with innovative solutions in a timely manner.   

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