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Vehicle Identification


Our experts are trained to LEVA Level 4 (Law Enforcement and Emergency Services Video Association) and use Forensic Video Analysis software (Amped FIVE) to analyse, interpret, examine and compare CCTV video imagery and recordings. Vehicle identification from CCTV video recordings can assist an investigation in instances where vehicles are involved in criminal offences and are captured by CCTV cameras.

The experts at ARC Investigations have extensive experience in analysing and interrogating video footage from a wide range of CCTV cameras, such as; doorbell, dash cam, on-board vehicles and mobile phone recordings.

ARC Investigations provide an independent, structured approach to the analysis of the CCTV video recordings to mitigate and limit the risk of confirmation bias. This, along with an extensive knowledge of vehicles and their respective features, enables our experts to provide an unbiased opinion and report on the make and, or model of vehicle(s) in the recordings and provide a comparison with vehicles of interest, or those seized as a result of the investigation.

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