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Reporting Services



At ARC Investigations we are very happy to offer initial advice, often freely, discussing specific case matters. This process expands our understanding of your needs, ensures we allocate our most appropriate expert and is a foundation stone for ensuring the provision of an effective solution.


Preparation of Impartial Technical & Reconstruction Reports 

Reporting is our primary method to convey our expert knowledge to our clients. As expected in this professional sector, we are able to offer services tailored to your specific needs and on a case-by-case basis.

Our experts can prepare full reconstruction reports, based on evidence they have gathered from locus and vehicle examinations, along with review of electronic data such as CCTV/Dashcam footage or vehicle EDR data, or at a clients request, conduct a desk-top review of supplied evidence.

All forms of reporting are technically reviewed and verified prior to onward submission, to ensure their accuracy and impartiality.


Presentation of Expert Evidence and Opinion at Trial

Each of our experts has at least 20 years' experience presenting collision related information at all levels of the Judiciary and in high-profile cases. Our expertise and in-depth case awareness ensures we provide the Court with accurate, impartial technical advice frequently via Joint Expert Statements and prior to trial.

Our past experience, along with the detailed knowledge we gain in relation to a specific case, enable us to present what is often very complex and technical subject matter in a clear, knowledgeable,  yet concise manner.

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