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We have experts that cover the length and breadth of the UK and more importantly to an investigation, have a broad spread of skills and knowledge.


Please see below for a precis of our experts' skills and experience. Should you like more information please do contact us and we will happily send you their current CVs.


Stuart Blackwood MSc LCGI

Stuart has over 25 years experience as a Reconstructionist and expert Collision Investigator. Stuart’s areas of specialism include CCTV analysis, extraction and evaluation of EDR data and he is a qualified cycle instructor. He has practical experience and knowledge in conducting live crash testing and the subsequent data analysis.     

His Masters thesis encompassed the functionality of pedestrian proximity sensors, a knowledge base very relevant to slow speed pedestrian collisions and advancing vehicle technology.


Phil Balderstone CAE MIMI

Also a Collision Investigator, Phil has been a specialist Vehicle Examiner since 1998, conducting the forensic examination of all vehicle types, inclusive of passenger and large goods vehicles. He has a desire for data, and has been extracting data from collision damaged vehicles throughout this period. Complementing this, he is a certified EDR analyst and fully conversant with the extraction of data from in-vehicle telematic and infotainment devices.

He has authored research papers on the use of EDR data within the insurance industry.

James Manning MEng (Hons)

James is a prominent UK specialist in Forensic Video Analysis and has, for many years supported UK Law Enforcement agencies in the identification of vehicle(s) make and model from CCTV sources. He has specific interest and experience in the assessment of driver visibility which assists in determining whether and/or when, a vulnerable road user could be observed for example.

James is vastly experienced in the use of survey equipment, including 3D laser scanners and the production of associated plans and 3D models, his skills and experience denote that he is ARC Investigations leading simulation and visualisation consultant.

Dean Beaumont_edited.jpg


Dean is one of the leading experts in the industry in analysing CCTV and dashboard camera footage as well as 3D simulation and modelling. He has a particular interest in analysing digital data from vehicles and is certified to collect and interpret EDR data.

Dean has been involved in various research projects, including analysing real-world reaction times of drivers in collisions and near-misses, as well as testing e-scooters to establish their acceleration and braking capabilities. Since 2018, Dean has been an organiser for the Accident Reconstruction session for SAE International, guiding and reviewing scientific papers for presentation at the World Congress event in Detroit, USA.



Andrew has investigated and reconstructed collisions comprising of all forms of road traffic, including trams, since 1998 and is experienced in vehicle handling and dynamics.  His Masters degree specialised on the effects of Hybrid Electric Vehicles on visually impaired pedestrians.

He has provided consultancy both nationally and internationally on matters including: Event Data Recorders, speed analysis from CCTV, GPS route tracking and digital tachograph analysis. Andrew has also led research related to the aging effects of vehicle tyres.

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