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Vehicle & Vehicle Data Services

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Vehicle Inspection

A vehicle inspection is key to be able to accurately record the position and extent of damage, as well as determining the mechanical condition of a vehicle and whether its condition may have been contributory to the collision event.

All of our experts are experienced examiners, capable of recording and reporting upon damage profiles to all vehicle types, motor cars, motorcycles, bicycles and larger vehicles such as large commercial and passenger carrying vehicles. In addition, we have experts capable of a vehicle inspection to component level, focussing on the functionality of one or more vehicle system.


Capture & Analysis of EDR Data

All our experts are qualified and experienced in the capture and analysis of data from in-vehicle Event Data Recorders (EDR). Our experts experience’s in the evaluation of EDR data includes the preparation of research papers, capturing data during live crash testing and the analysis of data in prior casework.

The data can be used to create a collision animation as well as frequently supporting our physical evidence in relation to the usage of seat belts.

The analysis of an EDR device can be made remotely, thus the module that encompasses the EDR device could be delivered to our offices, alternatively to enable a more comprehensive level of reporting, we would be happy to attend the vehicle to capture and record damage. Please do contact us about bespoke services in this expanding field.   


Capture & Analysis of Vehicle Diagnostic Data

In addition to EDR data, our experience has found that many vehicle types may store data relevant to the pre and post collision functionality of the vehicle. We are able to capture these data records for motor vehicles, inclusive of cars, vans, goods and passenger carrying vehicles and, more recently also on motorcycles.

Use of diagnostic equipment can be used to potentially recover data such as engine speed or the throttle position immediately after impact. The equipment can also be used to test the functionality of the increasing number of electronically controlled components on a car or motorcycle, a factor that could be useful should a system be subject to an allegation of malfunctioning.


Investigation of Mechanical & Tyre Failure Allegations

We have experts capable of conducting vehicle inspections to a component level. Frequently, this is to find evidence that may support, or refute, an allegation made by a driver that the failure of a vehicle system was contributory to a collision. The mechanical skills and vehicle knowledge we possess can be used to establish, for example, the originality of a component to a vehicle and the suitability of a repair. 

Such examinations are not limited to the mechanical or electrical/electronic vehicle systems, as we have specific experience in the examination of vehicle tyres to establish causes of deflation, casing failures and abnormal tread wear.


Identification of Stolen Vehicles & Plant

At ARC Investigations we are experienced in the examination of vehicles and/or vehicle or plant components to establish their provenience. These skills can and have been used to uncover criminal activities such as large scale vehicle theft, or to support the discovery of vehicle related insurance fraud in civil actions.  

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