Where Accident Investigation and Vehicle Technology Meet Innovation

We are a dynamic company with a wealth of history in providing expert advice to Insurance Companies, Police Services, Solicitors, Barristers and the Judicial System.

Our Services Include:

Initial Advice

Locus Inspections

Plan Drawing

Vehicle Inspections

Seat Belt Usage

Capture, Analysis and Interpretation of Event Data Recorders

Tachograph Analysis

CCTV Analysis and Vehicle Identification

Injury Causation

Human Factors and Behaviour

Acquisition and Analysis of Vehicle Diagnostic Data

Investigation of Vehicle Mechanical and Tyre Failures

Identification of Stolen Vehicles and Plant

Review and Comment Upon Other Expert Reports

impartial Technical Reports

Reconstruction Reports

Joint Expert Statements

Court Attendance and Expert Opinion

We are an independent impartial provider of expert technical advice and services, relating to road traffic accidents and vehicle failures.

With emphasis on collaboration, our consultants work hard to deliver high quality world-class solutions.

We have experts across the UK that are able to provide a cost effective technical solution that is bespoke to your needs.